Low Breastmilk Problems?

Many women suffer from low breastmilk after giving birth, and contrary to what others may tell you, it is a real problem that has a real and natural solution, that solution is Lactaboost.

Lactaboost is a 100% Natural & Safe Postpartum Supplement based on traditional herbal formulae that were used for centuries to increase breastmilk and assist in postpartum recovery. It has helped many women increase and improve their breastmilk and it can help you too

  • Increases breastmilk quality and quantity
  • Unblocks breast ducts and aids milk expulsion
  • Helps with babys colic and digestion
  • All ingredients are safe to use during breastfeeding
  • Also helps with postpartum fatigue, stress and anxiety
  • No harmful side-effects of conventional drugs

Lactaboost Ingredients

Lactaboost is based on a combination of 3 Traditional Chinese postpartum formulae that have been used for more than 1000 years for ensuring sufficient breastmilk and speeding up postpartum recovery.

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    Panax Ginseng One of the strongest tonic herbs used to support many body functions. One of these is to promote the production of blood which in turn is required for good quality and quantity of breastmilk. This herb also addresses fatigue and improves mood and mental function

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    Platycodon Root Platycodon Root is what we consider a messenger medicinal in Chinese Medicine and we use a small amount of it in this formula in order to guide the formula to open any blockages in the ducts of the breast. This in turn allows the breastmilk to flow freely

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    Caulis Akebia Caulis Akebia is the primary galactogoue, used in China for hundreds of years as a traditional remedy for insufficient lactation in nursing mothers

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    Ophiopogonis Radix We use this herb in Lactaboost because of its supplementing function and its yin nature in order to balance the formula appropriately.

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    Radix Angelica Sinensis This herb is one of the primary herbs in Lactaboost because it is so good in treating what is termed in Chinese Medicine as a general blood deficiency and is responsible for many postpartum conditions including insufficient lactation

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    Radix Astragali A strong tonic often used to speed healing and promote the production of blood. In Lactaboost it works to improve and increase breastmilk in a similar way that Panax Ginseng does


Is Lactaboost safe to use during nursing?

The Ingredients in Lactaboost are listed as safe to use during nursing by the American Botanical Safety Handbook, no adverse events have ever been reported when using these same herbs during nursing.In addition Lactaboost is manufactured under strict GMP conditions and is guaranteed free from pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.

How much should I use

1 capsule a day is sufficient in most cases and as a general postpartum supplement.

Can I use it before giving birth?

We do not recommend using Lactaboost during pregnancy, it is a postpartum supplement and is designed to be used after giving birth only

If I order now how long will it take to receive the Lactaboost

You should receive it within 3 to 5 working days.

If I am not satisfied with the product can I return it?

You are welcome to return your purchase within 60 days of receiving it for a full refund if you are not satisfied. Simply email or call us to arrange your no questions asked refund.

About Lactaboost

Lactaboost is a herbal formula developed by Australian Herbal Research Laboratories for use by breastfeeding mothers. The formula is 100% herbal and was originally researched and developed by Dr Latib, a specialist Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Lecturer in Herbal Medicine. He researched and developed the formula in powder form for his sister who was suffering with low breastmilk as well as stress and fatigue after giving birth to her first child. The formulation was so effective that others requested it as well after hearing about it. This led to it being manufactured in larger quantities in capsule form for the benefit of postpartum mothers.

The Lactaboost formula has proven very successful worldwide and is regarded as the most useful and effective postpartum supplement by many complementary medicine practitioners because of its balanced formulation. Unlike other postpartum formulae it has a wide range of benefits for both baby and mother, which include improving the quality and quantity of breastmilk, relieving fatigue, stress, anxiety and even postnatal depression, strengthening the babys digestion and relieving colic and speeding up postpartum recovery and wound healing.

Mothers who use Lactaboost report feeling less stressed, as well as having no problems with breastmilk, but most of all they find that their babies are easier to manage because they are getting nutritious and sufficient breastmilk and dont suffer from colic and indigestion as many babies normally do.

We know how much you love your baby and with that in mind we have taken the utmost care to ensure that Lactaboost is both effective and safe to use during nursing. For that reason we only use the best quality herbal ingredients that are tested thoroughly for any contaminants before being used in the extraction and preparation process.

If you are looking for a postpartum supplement to increase your breatmilk, relieve your stress and fatigue and help you cope with the demands of a baby without having the side effects of conventional drugs, then you will not find a better or more effective supplement than Lactaboost.

To purchase, click the Buy Now button and you will soon be on your way to a stress free postpartum experience.

I am now using Lactaboost for my second baby and this time I started immediately after giving birth, my milk is sufficient and he doesnt have the colic problems that my first baby did either..


Been drinking my lactaboost for about a week now. I have been feeling less tired. Baby also doesnt have times where he screams like crazy. There is definitely a change in supply!


...I find it keeps my milk supply constant. It doesnt over-stimulate production but regulates an increased milk supply. I also have lots of energy...Read more


Immediately after the first day of taking it, I felt a huge difference. My milk supply was much more and I had energy again. I didnt feel drained anymore.


Within a week my milk went from 30ml to 120ml, my girl is also not aggressive when drinking anymore, she is satisfied and content now with my milk supply.


FREE DELIVERY, 60 day money back guarantee

We are confident that Lactaboost will solve your breastfeeding problems just as it has for many other postpartum mothers, however if you are not satisfied simply contact us at info@lactaboost.com within 60 days of receiving your Lactaboost for your no questions asked refund.